The first ever Argentinian at the World Series of Poker Main Event final table has been eliminated in seventh place. The 42-year old Damian Salas collected $1,425,000 for his deep run, the single biggest cash in a live tournament by an Argentinian player.

“It is a great honor for me to represent Argentina and Latin America,” Salas said after exiting the tournament area, “I’m very proud of the way I played and I hope that everyone in Latin American is happy with how I represented for them.”

After starting the second day of the final table as the third shortest stack, Salas couldn’t get anything going. Salas slowly lost chips, leading to his demise when he flopped a pair of aces with ace-ten after calling a raise from the big blind for almost half his chips. Dan Ott, who had raised under the gun, put Salas all in on the flop showing ace-three-deuce with two hearts, and Salas called right away.

Loud “Segura” chants rained down in the Brasilia room from the Argentinian fans who were hoping their fellow countryman would stay “safe,” but it was not meant to be. The river brought a gut wrenching five, giving Ott a winning straight. 

Salas threw his hands up to his face in disappointment, collapsing to the floor as he received a big round of applause from all people gathered inside the Brasilia room. 

Damian Salas hugging his wife on the rail after getting eliminated
Damian Salas hugging his wife after getting eliminated in seventh place.

“The Main Event is a one of a kind tournament, it’s a marathon and I’m happy with the process,” Salas reflected on his performance. 

“I was a main character for a while with a lot of chips, but I was also short for a long time. I’m at peace with how I’ve played, and I’m happy.”

With an Argentinian flag draped over his shoulders and his entire rail listening in on his exit interview translated by Chilean pro Nick Yunis, Salas said his last goodbye with kind words for his support.

“I can’t even begin to understand the magnitude of how much support I had. I was mostly trying to be focussed, but I am happy and aware of all the support of very thankful.”

Action continues right now on ESPN with the final six players guaranteed to take home at least $1,675,000.