Poker is a cruel game and Sam Greenwood was just abruptly reminded of this fact when his heart was broken by Timothy Su. Greenwood and Su battled at the featured table for many hours when the following hand played out, resulting in one of the worst bad beats of the 2019 World Series of Poker.

From the cuttoff, Timothy Su raised to 500,000 and Sam Greenwood three-bet to 2,500,000 from the big blind holding . Su made the call with to see roll off on the flop. Greenwood bet 1.8 million on the flop and Su called.

On the turn, Greenwood bet 3.5 million before Su moved all in. Greenwood postured for a bit and stood up before ultimately making the call with 82% equity in the pot. With roughly 36 million in the middle, enough for the chip lead at that point, the river brought the and the Canadian pro was knocked out.

“I didn’t call on the turn right away because of the pay jump, otherwise I would’ve called right away,” Greenwood said after leaving the stage. Below you can find a series of reactions to this hand that will surely shape the remainder of this event as Su now holds a commanding lead.

Sam Greenwood's Main Event dream is dead until next year.
Sam Greenwood’s Main Event dream is dead until next year.

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