No player in poker has seen his star rise as steeply as that of Fedor Holz, and some might say that’s he’s already a legend of the game. However, despite having just turned 24 this summer, Holz is already making waves in another industry with the launch of his app Primed Mind in June. 

We spoke to Holz about the progress Primed Mind has made in such a short span and potentially making an appearance on Poker After Dark. On July 27th, Holz Tweeted the following, indicating that his new movement is off to a strong start.

About the early success, Holz said, “We’ve been putting a lot of effort into reaching as many people as we can, but without such an awesome community it wouldn’t have been possible. It’s a great feeling to see that all the work we put into the content side of it has been rewarded by our users telling their friends about it and growing the Primed community.”

Holz partnered up with Elliot Roe for Primed Mind, the mental game coach whose voice guides users through transformative visualizations, goal-setting, and relaxation techniques. Roe coached WSOP Main Event champion Scott Blumstein on his way to victory, garnering main stream exposure for their brand.

“That was fantastic! We are so happy that he won. Elliot prepared Scott for the Main Event and he in return has been talking very positively about Elliot’s coaching,” Holz said about seeing Blumstein win $8,150,000 live on ESPN.

Working in a team versus playing poker and focussing mostly on personal gains and improvement has opened Holz’s eyes to the joy this new lifestyle brings.

“The main discovery has been that I love to work in a team, where every individual has different strengths and ideas. It’s very stimulating to feel like there’s constantly new things happening. So far the best response has been from players, because being in the zone is just so valuable when playing poker. We are currently broadening the content for non-players and have got great feedback from that side as well.”

Primed has been getting its share of press, being featured on Mashable, INC, Forbes and other publications, and with Holz having picked up vlogging as well, it might seem that his poker days are now fully behind him, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Just two weeks ago, Holz took down the Triton Super High Roller in Budva for the equivalent of $444,893, beating a field of 41 entries, bringing his total earnings for 2017 alone to over $3,000,0000. About that win and spending less time on the game itself, Holz said, “I don’t really feel like getting rusty, to be honest. Coming back refreshed every time definitely is valuable, and the live game isn’t progressing too fast, so that’s good.”

So with his poker game still as sharp as ever, Holz teases his fans about a potential appearance on Poker After Dark if his scheduling allows for it, and shares his love for the old shows.

“I think I watched every single episode back in the days. I hope they’ll invite some of the new-age players to spice up the game!”

Holz expressed that he was a big fan of watching Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan on the old shows, re-watching their hands time and time again. 

“I’d definitely be interested , but it’s hard for me logistically currently, so maybe only once or twice. It would be fun to play against some of the old legends. I’m pretty certain the fans love it if the stakes are high and players entertaining.”

Poker After Dark returns on Monday August 14th with a $200/$400, $400 button ante cash game with a $100,00 buy-in. Jean-Robert Bellande and Doyle Brunson are among the confirmed names of the first show. Binge watch classic Poker After Dark episodes right now on PokerGO before the news shows launch!