Anton Suarez is your 2020 partypoker UK Millions Main Event champion taking home the $1,000,000 first prize after a fierce final table battle that included James Romero, and former champ Maria Lampropoulos.

The Swedish champion came to Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham to play some cash games, aware of the great action during the partypoker MILLIONS UK festival. But, as he was a bit early, no games of his interest ran and so he joined a $500 satellite for the Main Event. Suarez took down the satellite and ran the table by winning the partypoker MILLIONS Main Event for a staggering $1,000,000!

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Position Player Country Prize
1 Anton Suarez Sweden $1,000,000
2 Christian Rudolph Germany $620,000
3 James Romero United States $420,000
4 James Clarke United Kingdom $311,000
5 Fredrik Andersson Sweden $230,000
6 Weijie Zhen United Kingdom $170,000
7 Jack Hardcastle United Kingdom $130,000
8 Maria Lampropoulos Argentina $100,000

Suarez, predominantly a PLO cash player with more than a decade of experience, is the second Swede to take home the prestigious partypoker MILLIONS trophy, after Viktor Blom’s win in Rozvadov two years ago.

“I don’t play many tournaments, so I’m super happy,”

“I don’t play many tournaments, so I’m super happy,” Suarez said after his win, before assuring the poker media he would look for a party next.

The Main Event’s Final Day

Twelve players started the final day of play with John Mooney becoming the first casualty, losing with ace-jack to pocket eights. partypoker’s Ludovic Geilich, who has a bit of a history at the PLO tables with the eventual winner, busted to Suarez in eleventh place. After finishing in fourteenth place in the final MILLIONS event in the Bahamas last year for $65,000, another deep run for the Scot.

With ten players remaining, Suarez won a massive pot against Jamie O’Connor. On the five-handed table, the two got it in with Suarez turning over ace-king against O’Connor’s ace-queen. A king on the flop just about did it and Suarez took over the lead in the tournament. O’Connor exited minutes later, losing to Rudolph in a hand where Alex Lindop too would hit the rail. Rudolph’s ace-king beat O’Connor’s ace-ten and Lindop’s ace-queen to bust two players in one hand and set the final table.

Maria Lampropoulos (photo: Mickey May/partypoker)
No second partypoker MILLIONS win for Maria Lampropoulos (8th for $100,000) (photo: Mickey May/partypoker)

A Final Table Full of Action

Maria Lampropulos started the final table as the shortest stack. The Argentinian, who won this very event two years ago, eventually finished in eighth place. Her ace-queen didn’t get there against Jack Hardcastle‘s pocket nines and another million-dollar score had to wait; she had to make do with $100,000.

Hardcastle himself was the next to go. The Brit check-raised all in with an overcard, gutshot, and flush draw but bricked against Rudolph’s overpair.

Weijie “Jervi” Zheng only had four cashes to his name coming into this event. But when he cashes, he goes deep – so proves his Hendonmob profile. The 2019 Irish Open winner (a victory worth €300,000) finished sixth in this partypoker MILLIONS event, good for $160,000. With seven-five, he lost to Rudolph’s ace-eight and the tournament was five-handed.

An hour later, Fredrik Andersson exited the feature table to head to the payout desk for his $230,000 share of the prize pool. The colorful Swede made his move with ace-nine and ran into his countryman’s ace-ten. Interestingly enough, James Romero woke up with ace-queen behind the Swedish duo but elected to fold. No help on the board for Andersson and just four remained.

James “Raggy” Clarke was the hometown favorite, railed enthusiastically by those frequenting the Dusk Till Dawn poker room. While Suarez qualified for the event via a $500 satellite and turned that into a million, Clarke’s return on investment might have even been better since he got into the event for a tiny seeder into a satellite. It was the first time Simon Trumper, Head of UK Poker for partypoker LIVE, organized the feeders: Clarke must be forever grateful he did. Clarke turned his minimal investment into $311,000 for his fourth-place finish. His last hand was a cooler where he flopped trips in a limped pot only to see he was outkicked when the chips went in.

Start of day chipleader James Romero finished in 3rd for $420,000 (photo: Mickey May/partypoker)

Start-of-day chipleader James Romero finished in third place running top pair into Suarez’ flopped set. The American shoved on the river and could only tap the table in defeat seeing Suarez’s superior hand.

While the play throughout the final table was already speedy with the shot clock in place, heads up was on a whole other level. Suarez and Rudolph played lightning fast as if there were an extra prize for the quickest player in the game.

Suarez started the mano a mano fight with the lead and only relinquished it briefly. In an especially noteworthy hand, Suarez three-bet a flop with nothing but a gutshot, forcing a fold from Rudolph.

In the last hand, with blinds at three and six million, Rudolph pushed his last sixty million in with seven-four suited. Suarez called with ace-eight and had the tournament locked up on the turn where he hit an ace, leaving Rudolph drawing dead.

Anton Suarez, with his partypoker MILLIONS UK Main Event victory, secured by far the biggest score of his poker career. Having come to Nottingham from Sweden to play PLO cash games, he left with five days of hold’em action under his belt and $1,000,000 in his suitcase.

The MILLIONS, partypoker LIVE’s flagship poker series, heads next to South America with a stop at Punta Del Este, in what is known as the St. Tropez of Uruguay. The $10,300 Main Event will again feature online flights on the 2nd and 4th of February, 2020, the live tournament running February 11th-15th. The full festival begins on the 6th of February, with the usual full complement of live satellites and side events. The full schedule can be found on partypokerlive.com. Qualifiers with feeders starting from as little as $2.20 will be running on partypoker, with Sunday online satellites guaranteeing up to twenty $10,300 seats each time.

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Winner Anton Suarez (photo: Mickey May/partypoker)
Christian Rudolph, James Romero, Anton Suarez, Frederik Andersson, Jack Hardcastle, James Clarke, Maria Lampropoulos, Weijie Zhen