Day 5 of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event introduced the poker world to William Kassouf. When Day 6 starts, Kassouf is at the feature table with a pool of heavyweights who are looking to take down poker’s biggest title.

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Chief among them is the one and only Dan Colman. The 2014 Big One for One Drop winner is near the chip lead when Day 6 play opens and in pursuit of the second-largest score of his career. Colman’s talent is never in question and he dishes out the strong play to his opponents.

The opponents Colman finds himself up against include fellow WSOP bracelet winner Max Silver, tournament veteran Jerry Wong, and former online #1 Griffin Benger.

Lurking on the outer tables is all-around behemoth Cliff Josephy. Also known as ‘Johnny Bax’, Josephy makes his national debut in the 2016 Main Event after creating a name for himself online and live over the span of two decades. The two-time bracelet winner knows all the tournament spots and catches a little bit of luck on his side to propel his run.

A few other talents creep into the spotlight on Day 4. Ka Kwan Lau and Matt Moss spend most of their year in Asia and are at home in Las Vegas during the two-week stretch that is the Main Event.

Kassouf is still around, too. You can hear him from across the Amazon Room and his play drums up some attention.

Relive more of the 2016 Main Event with final tablist Kenny Hallaert.

Play ends with 27 standing from the thousands who entered the $10,000 championship. The money gets real and the play does as well. Dramatics are at an all-time high with Gordon Vayo at the top of the list for dishing out one of the worst beats of all-time. Poor Jonas Lauck never saw it coming.

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