A huge day of action in Las Vegas saw three bracelets won and four more tournaments progress towards the final stages, with Daniel Weinman one of two debut bracelet winners on the day. In another dramatic conclusion to the day, Brian Hastings finally edged out Eric Wasserson to claim his sixth WSOP bracelet and put his name even higher in the historical rankings of successful WSOP players.

Weinman Wins PLO8-Max Bracelet for $255,000

Daniel Weinman started the ball rolling for bracelet winners when he saw off Chino Rheem among others at the 8-handed PLO $1,000 buy-in event at Bally’s in Las Vegas. The final eight players gathered with Ruslan Dykshteyn the first to go before former bracelet winner Stephen Song busting in seventh place fort $38,364.

Rheem would not last the distance as he became the chip leader then busted out in fifth place after several confrontations in terms of playing hands against Germandio Andoni. Rheem’s exit gave Weinman a chance to become the dominant force at the felt and he grabbed that opportunity with both hands.

Getting to heads-up with a lead of 23 million to 13 million chips, Weinman got the better of Jamey Hendrickson in an all-American clash when his flopped two pair survived both turn and river with Hendrickson needing to hit, giving him the runner-up prize of $157,819 and handing Weinman the win for $255,359, the fourth-largest result of his live poker career after his wins in the WPT and in the WSOP Circuit event in Cherokee, meaning he added a bracelet to his circuit ring with victory in Vegas today.

WSOP 2022 Event #30 $1,000 PLO 8-Max Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Daniel Weinman U.S.A. $255,359
2nd Jamey Hendrickson U.S.A. $157,819
3rd Eduardo Bernal Sanchez Colombia $116,751
4th Germandio Andoni U.S.A. $87,167
5th Chino Rheem U.S.A. $65,685
6th Ferenc Deak Hungary $49,962
7th Stephen Song U.S.A. $38,363
8th Ruslan Dykshteyn U.S.A. $29,739

Brian Hastings Wins Sixth WSOP Bracelet

Brian Hastings won his sixth WSOP bracelet on Thursday night as he outlasted a stacked final table full of superstars at Bally’s. With messrs Shaun Deeb (4th for $94,606) and Dan Zack (3rd for $129,760) both going close to more bracelet glory, an entertaining seven-handed final also saw Yuval Bronshtein, who is having a spectacular series full of deep runs, cash again for Israel.

After Bronshtein left in seventh for $40,494, both Jordan Siegel and Marco Johnson lost their seats. Then it was the turn of both Deeb and Zack, both of whom cashed in big scores and – just as vital – Player of the Year and $25k Fantasy points.

That all left Wasserson battling Hastings for the win, but when Hastings, who began with a solid lead in the first place, had eight-high, Wasserson slid his cards into the muck and fell just short of winning his first-ever bracelet, instead seeing Hastings pick one up for a sixth time. Hastings, now with north of $4.7 million in live poker earnings and $3.4 million at the World Series of Poker alone, celebrated his latest bracelet win in style on the rail.

WSOP 2022 Event #31 $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Brian Hastings U.S.A. $292,146
2nd Eric Wasserson U.S.A. $180,559
3rd Daniel Zack U.S.A. $129,760
4th Shaun Deeb U.S.A. $94,606
5th Marco Johnson U.S.A. $70,139
6th Jordan Siegel U.S.A. $52,854
7th Yuval Bronshtein Israel $40,494

Ullmann Claims Victory for Maiden Bracelet

German player Nino Ullmann won his first-ever WSOP gold bracelet after an incredible 10 hours at the felt on the final day of the $3,000-entry 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Event #33. With 55 players returning to the felt, Ullmann went wire-to-wire, holding the lead when play kicked off and retaining it as the final hand played down to the river.

Winning by far the biggest money of his career so far in the top prize of $594,079, Ullmann defeated players such as four-time WPT champion Darren Elias and five-time WSOP bracelet winner David Peters at the final table.

The final table saw six-handed poker of the highest quality as Spanish player Lander Lijo was the first to depart. He busted with ace-jack which was unable to hit against Ullmann’s red pocket sevens and that was a sign of things to come, with Ullmann grabbing the lead over Elias with that pot.

Next to go was Peters in a surprise exit as he sat third in chips when five began to play to a winner. After an extended period of play, Peters was all-in for roughly 20 big blinds with pocket tens, but Ullmann’s king-jack saw a king on the turn win him the hand and send the packed German rail into raptures, Peters slipping away quietly having come so close to becoming the first double bracelet winner this WSOP.

One of the biggest names in the final five was gone and the other busted next, Elias losing with a pocket pair too as sixes couldn’t hold against Tim Flank’s queen-ten, a queen on the flop good enough to see Elias’ short stack slid over the table by the dealer.

Anthony Hu was short-stacked and would bust next, but to Ullmann, giving him a crucial elimination in terms of a heads-up chip lead. Flank had been drawing near, but Hu going out to the German meant Flank had only around 60% of Ullmann’s stack and that lead told a few hands later, when Ullmann made a straight on the river in a hand he could afford to lose rather than wait for a better opportunity.

WSOP 2022 Event #33 $3,000 NLHE 6-Max Final Table Results:
Place Player Country Prize
1st Nino Ullmann Germany $594,079
2nd Timothy Flank U.S.A. $367,181
3rd Anthony Hu U.S.A. $257,821
4th Darren Elias U.S.A. $183,616
5th David Peters U.S.A. $132,662
6th Lander Lijo Spain $97,256

Williams, Nakamura, Albini Remain on the H.O.R.S.E.

Former WSOP Main Event runner-up David Williams leads the field in the $1,500-entry H.O.R.S.E. Event #32, with other stars such as Tamon Nakamura and Steven Albini both making the final table too. Williams has the biggest stack with 2,125,000 chips, but Jason Daly (2,105,000) isn’t far behind with two women, Michelle Roth (1,405,000) and Shirley Rosario (1,170,000) both present in the top five.

With players such as defending event champion Anthony Zinno crashing out before the money places along with Daniel Negreanu and Michael Mizrachi, others did bank some profit, with Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, Ari Engel, German soccer player Max Kruse and Phil Ivey all busting.

Of the remaining 22 players to bag chips, two more who made the top 10 chipcounts were Tamon Nakamura from Japan (1,005,000) and Steve Albini, who bagged up 970,000 before the last hand was ended.

WSOP 2022 Event #32 $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st David Williams U.S.A. 2,125,000
2nd Jason Daly U.S.A. 2,015,000
3rd Michelle Roth U.S.A. 1,405,000
4th Richard Bai U.S.A. 1,310,000
5th Shirley Rosario U.S.A. 1,170,000
6th Robin Rightmire U.S.A. 1,140,000
7th Kyle Loman U.S.A. 1,110,000
8th Tamon Nakamura Japan 1,005,000
9th Peter Brownstein U.S.A. 975,000
10th Steven Albini U.S.A. 970,000

Schulz and Wexler Chasing Lead in $1,500 Freezeout

Gregor Sverko of Croatia bagged the biggest stack on Day 1 of Event #34, the $1,500-entry NLHE Freezeout event. With 1,046,000 chips, Sverko was the only player to top a million chips by the close of play, with others such as Keith Kordowski (812,000) and Raffaele Sorrentino (788,000) going as close as they could and closer than anyone else.

Elsewhere in the chipcounts, Kevin Schulz (666,000), Athanasios Polychronopoulos (588,000), 2014 WSOP Main Event Champion Martin Jacobson (488,000), Adrian Mateos (281,000), and 2021 WSOP Main Event champion Koray Aldemir (200,000) all survived while players such as Ryan Depaulo, Jeff Platt, Brad Owen, Vanessa Kade, Matt Berkey and Maria Ho all missed the Day 2 cut.

WSOP 2022 Event #34 $1,500 Freezeout NLHE Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Gregor Sverko Croatia 1,046,000
2nd Keith Kordowski U.S.A. 812,000
3rd Raffaele Sorrentino Italy 788,000
4th Jason Hickey U.S.A. 752,000
5th Michel Leibgorin France 679,000
6th Kevin Schulz U.S.A. 666,000
7th Euan McNicholas United Kingdom 626,000
8th Jonas Wexler U.S.A. 621,000
9th Christopher Maguire United Kingdom 607,000
10th Athanasios Polychronopoulos U.S.A. 588,000

Negreanu and Ivey Survive in Mixed Big Bet Event

Daniel Negreanu (23,600) and Phil Ivey (51,300) both survived the opening day’s play in Event #35, the $2,500-entry Mixed Big Bet event. With a total prize pool of over $625,000 and 281 entries, it was British mixed game specialist Richard Ashby (387,100) who took the Day 1 chip lead, with others such as Brian Rast (193,900), Keith Lehr (191,400), Michael Moncek (163,100), Alex Epstein (140,000), and Michael Noori (137,200) among the 101 Day 1 survivors.

WSOP 2022 Event #35 $2,500 Mixed Big Bet Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Richard Ashby United Kingdom 387,100
2nd Unknown U.S.A. 273,000
3rd Steve Friedlander U.S.A. 204,200
4th Bariscan Betil U.S.A. 199,300
5th Sterling Savill U.S.A. 195,900
6th Brian Rast U.S.A. 193,900
7th Keith Lehr U.S.A. 191,400
8th Andrew Robl U.S.A. 184,000
9th Daniel Mayoh Austria 180,500
10th David Prociak U.S.A. 171,700

Arnold Leads Hsiung in Seven Card Stud Event #36

Finally, the final event of the day to conclude was the $1,500-entry Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Event #36, which saw 152 of the 471 entries survive the first day of action. Among them, chip leader is Pearce Arnold (244,500), with Kenny Hsiung (224,000) not far behind.  Bruce Hoyt (196,000) also made the top five.

Further back, there were strong days at the felt for Barry Greenstein (146,000), Michael Mizrachi (104,500) and Mike Matusow, who finished on 90,500.

WSOP 2022 Event #36 $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Top 10 Chipcounts:
Position Player Country Chips
1st Pearce Arnold U.S.A. 244,500
2nd Kenny Hsiung U.S.A. 224,000
3rd Bruce Hoyt U.S.A. 196,000
4th Ali Eslami U.S.A. 189,500
5th Chad Campbell U.S.A. 185,000
6th Angelo Macini Italy 171,500
7th Yuichi Kanai Japan 167,500
8th Harris Soetikno Australia 165,000
9th John Holley U.S.A. 163,500
10th Claude Marbleu France 155,000

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