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Last spring, Jaime and Matt Staples made waves while on Bill Perkins’ StreamBoat by booking a massive weight-loss bet worth potentially $150,000. The poker-playing brothers had to get within one pound of each other within the year, which seemed like an incredible challenge thanks to a 170-pound difference when the bet was made.

Jaime weighed 305 pounds when the prop bet was booked and the streaming extraordinaire looks like he has been pulling his weight, pun intended, over the last few months. Not only has Staples been continuing to stream after he and Perkins were scheduled to stream for the next month in the Caribbean, with hurricane damage delaying those plans, but he is also grinding non-stop from Costa Rica.

His first full grind session from Costa Rica featured a much skinnier version of Staples, a PCA satellite, some soul reads, and some close calls deep in tournaments.

Staples is taking a few weeks off from streaming over the next two weeks, to play some live poker, but when he returns in November and December, poker fans can expect some non-stop grinding and, hopefully, an even skinnier version of Staples, as he continues to crush both on and off the felt