The first round of PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel took place on July 31st when Phil Hellmuth beat Antonio Esfandiari, securing a $100,000 win, and in the video above you can watch the five best hands from this epic match. Esfandiari immediately challenged Hellmuth for a rematch and the $200,000 match will take place on Wednesday, September 23rd at 9pm ET.

What is High Stakes Duel?

High Stakes Duel is a heads-up battle between two of the world’s best and most entertaining players starting with a $50,000 buy-in for Round 1. The stakes double each consecutive round as to win the show a player has to win three straight matches if their streak starts between rounds 1 and 3 or two straight matches if it starts in Round 4 or beyond. The losing player of each match can request a rematch up to three times within the same stretch of matches before they are no longer eligible to play. If Esfandiari loses Round 2 he can, and has already hinted at, challenge Hellmuth again for a $400,000 Round 3 match-up! Check out the full rules here.

The full Round 1 match is available on PokerGO, YouTube and Facebook as will be the case for this week’s Round 2 match-up. Bookmark your favorite platform and watch the show for free! 

Phil Hellmuth, High Stakes Duel, Antonio Esfandiari