It would make sense for the “Talking Heads” episode of Poker After Dark to feature a non-stop string of running commentary during a hand and Phil Gordon takes that implication to the next level.

A new add to THE VAULT on PokerGO is a hand featuring Gabe Kaplan at risk for his tournament life in a $20,000 Sit-N-Go. All that stands between Kaplan and a rebirth in three-handed play is a clean runout against Gordon.

There is a habit of players asking the dealers for favorable cards in a an all-in spot and Gordon presses every edge he can get.

Gordon goes from wanting to metaphorically fire the dealer to bringing him on full-time all for dealing out a blow to Kaplan’s tournament chances. By receiving the “club-club” that he asked for, Gordon’s prayers are answered and Kaplan is off to the recording studio.

No word yet on if the dealer in question has been spotted at any home games hosted by Gordon and it’s a safe bet he won’t be getting an invitation from Kaplan anytime soon.

This Throwback Hand joins those already selected for inclusion in THE VAULT. Spend your holidays with PokerGO watching this hand and many more!

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