The 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event will forever be remembered as the year where Will Kassouf’s antics turned him into one of the most controversial figures in the game. Kassouf’s fans will celebrate his table chatter, needling, and constant jabbing as entertaining and fun to watch while his detractors focused on his time wasting, and negative aspects of his general table antics. So, which side are you on?

In the video above where we show you the 5 best hands from the 2016 WSOP Main Event, Kassouf is heavily featured as he was involved in possibly the two most controversial poker moments of the last decade. First, Kassouf gets involved against Stacy Matuson where he utters the infamous “nine-high, like a boss!” before ultimately getting involved in the hand that cost him his tournament life. On the final hand of Kassouf’s Main Event, he picked up pocket kings and ran those into the aces of Griffin Benger. During this hand, Benger uttered the words “check your privilege” numerous times, becoming somewhat of a cult saying in poker.

The Kassouf hands aren’t the only hands featured in this WSOP Main Event Top 5 Hands video as you can also enjoy Qui Nguyen making a massive bluff during the heads-up stages of this event versus Gordon Vayo, Cliff Josephy’s set-over-set clash against Vayo, and arguably the best fold you’ll ever see in a hand between Michael Ruane and James Obst.

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Qui Nguyen, Cliff Josephy, Griffin Benger, James Obst, Michael Ruane, Stacy Matuson, Will Kassouf