We don’t know how, we don’t know why, and we don’t really know when, but over the last few months, vlogs have been all the craze in the poker world. Each week, Poker Central’s “What the Vlog?” series will break down our favorite vlog of the week and if you want more video content, don’t forget to check out our “Don’t Look Now” series, which keeps poker fans up to speed on everything poker and video from the previous week.

Daniel Negreanu opened this year’s PokerStars Caribbean Adventure with a 4th place finish in the $100,000 Super High Roller and this week, closed the PCA with a brand-new episode of his Full Contact Poker Podcast. While “Kid Poker” talked about basically everything except poker in his last FCP Podcast, this one dives head first into everything from Negreanu’s PCA results, online high stakes cash games, tournament structures, his continued “journey to GTO,” and some talk about next year’s highly anticipated PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship.

That event, scheduled to run at the 2019 PCA, was discussed non-stop during this year’s series, as were Platinum Passes. Each Platinum Pass will enter players into the PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship and Negreanu explains the multiple ways to win a Platinum Pass, answers some questions the Platinum Pass’ value, and talks about the different type of players that we should see in that event.

The podcast concludes with two very different discussions. First, Negreanu talks about the league-leading Vegas Golden Knights and what could happen throughout the rest of the season. Then, Negreanu talks cryptocurrency. As one of the world’s leading crypto experts, Negreanu delivers some can’t miss information during this segment.

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