We return to our regularly scheduled programming of classic Poker After Dark episodes making their way into THE VAULT on PokerGO.

This week’s show features the return of familiar faces to the high stakes stage and the introduction of two brand-new ones.

Part I of the “$150,000 Cash Game” puts David ‘Viffer’ Peat on display in the action-packed $300/$600 game. Peat dominates from the one seat and keeps everyone, including Phil Laak, on their toes.

The sparring partner for Peat in this episode is Olivier Busquet. This show is the debut of Busquet on Poker After Dark and gives the national audience one of their first glimpses of the high stakes professional. Busquet looks much different then than he does now but his trademarked aggressive game is the same as it ever was.

Busquet’s clashes with Peat are the driving force behind the show and each hand gives them a chance to brandish a different tool in their game.

Laak, Eli Elezra, and Howard Lederer represent the Poker After Dark old guard as they make yet another appearance on the world’s best high stakes poker show. If you think you’ve seen it all from Laak, he surprises everyone with a new stunt that requires him to be away from the table in a big hand against Elezra.

In between all of the mayhem is Greg ‘FBT’ Mueller. The former pro hockey player does his part to keep the action moving in a stellar rookie introduction.

The six players gel together as a unit and provide insight into what makes their respective games strong. Rarely has Poker After Dark ever produced a lineup with as many diverse poker backgrounds as this one.

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