Earlier today, the World Series of Poker Main Event resumed with 27 players coming back for Day 7 on the PokerGO live stream. Christian Pham came back with the chip lead but after the coverage shifted to ESPN 2 midway through Day 7, Pham was eliminated in 19th place. Live coverage of the WSOP Main Event is set to return to PokerGO at 6 PM PT and continue until the field is down to the final nine.

As it stands, two tables remain and because of the redraw after Pham’s elimination, the feature tables will have a much different look when paly resume on PokerGO at the top of the hour. Scott Blumstein, who has yet to be featured in much of the live broadcast, is now headlining and leading the charge at the feature table.

Blumstein is currently playing 45 million chips to pace the entire Main Event field, with a massive disparity between he and the rest of the feature table lineup. Daniel Ott, Richard Dubini and Ben Lamb are all just under 20 million, with Michael Ruane, who is still alive for back-to-back final table runs, near 9 million.

The outer table has a logjam at the top of the leader board. Jack Sinclair is top of that pile with 39 million chips but France’s Benjamin Pollack and Sinclair’s countryman, John Hesp, are on 34 and 30 million, respectively. Antoine Saout, who along with Lamb and the previously mentioned Ruane, is looking for another trip to the final table but is below the chip average with 17 million.

While those stacks set the stage for PokerGO’s continuing live coverage of the WSOP Main Event, anything can and likely will happen over the next few hours. PokerGO will bring you live coverage of Day 7 until the field is down to the final table, with commentary by Nick Schulman and Ali Nejad.

Replays of past Main Event broadcasts can be found on PokerGO.