LAS VEGAS (November 24, 2015) – Poker Central®, the world’s only 24/7 Poker TV network and producers of the Super High Roller Cash Game®, today announced that its live stream of the Super High Roller Cash Game captured 2 million views, with 1.2 million unique views, over the event’s three days.

“These huge numbers – which even exceed many tradition television audience measurements – show the power of poker, especially with millennials,” said Clint Stinchcomb, CEO of Poker Central. “We achieved these impressive numbers without all the bells and whistles of a produced TV show, and even without the ability to see hole cards.”

Twitch streaming TV is popular with younger audiences, especially the young male demographic. The three day poker event was streamed via Twitch to promote the launch of Poker Central. In addition to the live stream, the Super High Roller Cash Game will premiere on Poker Central on December 2nd.

The Super High Roller Cash Game was played June 29th through July 1st. Unlike tournaments, poker cash games are events where players can enter and exit play at any time. To preserve the integrity of the game, hole cards were not aired during the Twitch live stream.

About The Super High Roller Cash Game

The Super High Roller Cash Game brings poker professionals and celebrities to the felt for one of the highest stakes games in the world. Tune in to Poker Central starting December 2nd to see who shows up to the table and who walks away a winner.

About Poker Central

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