The National Football League has yet to give fans a competitive game of football to watch this postseason but while the final quarters might not have been entertaining over the last two weekends, the internet was. To recap the first sub-par day of the Divisional Round, we turned to Twitter, who always seems to cover the spread.

If anyone knows how to reverse jinx his team, it’s Bill Simmons. The ‘Sports Guy’ tweeted this interesting ‘Patriots not covering’ stat almost eight hours before New England and Houston kicked off and if you were betting the game, that should have made the alarm bells go off. Was this Simmons posting so he could fall back and say, “Told you so.” after the game? Was it Simmons saying the Patriots were a lock to cover? We’ll never know…

People said it wasn’t possible but we did it. Two ‘Migos’ references in one weekend and, gasp, we still have 24 hours left! With Atlanta winning and moving ahead to next weekend’s NFC Championship game, we’ll probably have to hold off on our third ‘Migos’ reference of 2017 but until then, let’s bask in the greatness of the Falcons, Matt Ryan and Rembert Browne.

The Houston Texans do have an Offensive Coordinator on their coaching staff. His name is George Godsey and it is his second year holding that position. Prior, he was the team’s Quarterback Coach. I know this because I looked it up on the internet but I wouldn’t be surprised if George was not ‘on site’ because the Houston Texans offense was that bad on Saturday night.  

Writers are always looking for inspiration and somewhere in the middle of the off-season, or maybe even late last year, who can follow these things, Shea Serrano found his in a 6’8’’ quarterback named Brock Osweiler. What started as inspiration, it’s a bit, we get it, has transformed into obsession this season. Serrano has written more about Osweiler than any other topic under the sun, most of it quiet poetic. So was Osweiler’s one positive contribution to the Houston Texans’ season, a perfectly thrown ball that was dropped in the end zone by rookie wide receiver Will Fuller.

There is something about professional sports teams trolling themselves on Twitter that will never get old. It’s like wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, it says, ‘I want to be formal but I’m here to party.’ Late in the game, the Texans twitter account asked if it was ‘#ALLCAPS TIME?‘, a few seconds later, they answered their own question, with a ‘CAPS LOCK IS ON.’ tweet. A minute later, they were back to lowercase letters thanks to a Brock Osweiler interception inside their own 25 yard line. Talk about ruining the party.

More on how worthless Brock Osweiler is later this week.