As the reboot of “Poker After Dark” gets closer and closer, Poker Central will prepare poker fans for the return of PAD in a variety of ways. From episode recaps from past seasons, which are currently streaming on PokerGO, to exclusive interviews with some of poker’s biggest names, Poker Central is here to get you ready for brand new episodes of “Poker After Dark” before the series returns on August 14.

When “Poker After Dark” debuted nearly a decade ago, Mike McDonald only 18-years-old but he was also already a poker champion. In 2008, McDonald won EPT Dortmund for nearly $1.4 million and ever since the Canadian announced himself to the poker world, McDonald has proven himself as one of the most feared and respected online and live players of his generation.

For that generation, playing on “Poker After Dark” was likely an afterthought. For McDonald and his teenage comrades, most of which emerged from the Poker Boom to change the game forever, “Poker After Dark” conversations were saved for high school cafeterias and watching the show live meant missing bedtime.

Now, with the reboot of “Poker After Dark” just a few days away, McDonald and his entire generation have the chance to play in the game that they grew up watching, without having to break curfew.

“I think “Poker After Dark” is one of the best poker shows ever.” McDonald said when asked about the series reboot. “It was really entertaining, people playing the biggest games in a really fun environment.”

There won’t be that much of a difference in the size of the game and the environment of “Poker After Dark” from a decade ago but the lineups and players will certainly be fresh. A handful of legends, including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Jean-Robert Bellande, have already expressed interest in the reboot and McDonald is also excited at his own “Poker After Dark” prospects.  

“I’d definitely be interested in playing,” McDonald said, before joking, “I have more of a background in tournament poker than cash games, so if I’m playing a bunch of 22-year-old Belarusian kids who play $25/$50 on Stars all day, I’ll stay away. Otherwise, I’m in.”

When fans will see McDonald compete on “Poker After Dark” remains to be seen but regardless of who is carrying the new generation’s flag, watching the new and old schools collide at the highest stakes will be must-watch action. Be on the lookout for more “Poker After Dark” previews before the series returns at the start of next week.