Throwback Hands transitions this week to the high stakes cash game episodes of Poker After Dark. Tom Dwan’s name is always in bright lights on the marquee and he faces off this week against famed adversary David ‘Viffer’ Peat. Both players are known for playing outlandish hands but this time, they both have it.

Both players flop a straight and the action picks up from there. Dwan finally has a chance to use his reckless style to pick up some cash from Viffer but the purple-haired Peat doesn’t cooperate the way Dwan would like.

The $200/$400 game stakes result in a pot of over $60,000 but the damage could have been so much more. Find out how Peat escapes on Throwback Hands.

Six-figure pots are nothing new for Dwan, who made his return to Poker After Dark around this time last year. In his namesake game, Dwan played a pot of $700,000 against Antonio Esfandiari to put himself back on the poker map.

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