You never know what might come next in “Throwback Hands” and this week throws upholstery into the mix. A new matchup unfolds on PokerGO and can be accessed by unlocking THE VAULT.

Mike Matusow is all-in against Jamie Gold who can’t quite figure out what to do with his draw. It’s not just any draw, though. Gold holds both ends to the “Persian Carpet Ride” as coined by tablemate Antonio Esfandiari. Matusow’s hand has the edge but Gold has the prospect of adventure on his side.

Esfandiari is looking for blood and there is no better hand to draw it than from what Gold is playing.

This hand is yet another example of Esfandiari interjecting himself into a hand, as he did a few weeks ago when Daniel Negreanu was in the tank.

What does Gold wind up doing with the blade of all blades? The answer is stunning.

Find this legendary hand and more inside THE VAULT. More “Throwback Hands” are available on Poker Central starting with Connor Drinan and David Peters matching up in the 2015 Super High Roller Bowl.

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