He doesn’t play cards so much anymore, but David ‘Viffer’ Peat is a poker legend thanks in no small part to his appearances on Poker After Dark. This week’s classic throwback hand pitches Viffer against a man who is no stranger to controversy, Eli Elezra. While the hand is one to delight in on its own merit, it’s the antics of Viffer that most viewers will love.

From being well behind when the cards go over (Peat is a 14% dog in the hand by that point) to running it twice in an attempt to chop it to glory, Viffer is box office gold. He’s up against almost the worst possible hand he could face, and possibly the worst opponent too in Elezra.

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With chips, cash game boss Elezra would be harder to stop than a runaway freight train with Justin Bonomo in the driving seat. But it’s like the Poker Gods smile on someone who gives them so much free publicity. Viffer’s second river is, as the man himself called it, “Western Union”, so easily is he paid off.

For Elezra, a wry smile plays on his face – he may have been run out by Viffer at the end, but because its Viffer, it doesn’t feel nearly so bad. Plus, it gives both men the chance to continue pummelling each other in a series of ever bigger pots.

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