Poker After Dark premiered in 2007 and fireworks erupted right away in the first episode. Headlined by Phil Hellmuth, the lineup featured notorious talker Shawn Sheikhan. The two traded verbal barbs in a hand where Hellmuth was facing off against Annie Duke for his tournament life. That hand and the war of words that ensued is this week’s Throwback Hand available in THE VAULT.

Hellmuth opened with ace-ten offsuit and Duke came over the top with pocket kings. Given the title of “Poker Brat Attack,” it is only appropriate that Hellmuth received verbal barbs from the likes of Gus Hansen and Huck Seed during the episode. In this hand, though, it was Sheikhan who led the brigade against Hellmuth.

As Hellmuth thought over his decision with Sheikhan pecking at him on his direct left, Hellmuth uttered the infamous phrase of “Are we going to give penalties for this shit, or what?”

More than the cards, the hand is remembered for Hellmuth’s tirade that lasted for a few minutes until play resumed.

It’s not often that Hellmuth finds a worthy verbal sparring partner but Sheikhan lasted with him word-for-word.

Watch the entire battle of words play out on PokerGO inside THE VAULT as Hellmuth and Sheikan went at it for the duration of the show.