Welcome back to “Throwback Hands” on Poker Central where we dive into classic Poker After Dark matchups featuring coolers, bad beats, and epic blowups. The second season of Poker After Dark premiered with an episode of former World Series of Poker Main Event champions.

The titans clashed multiple times in the show and in this matchup, Johnny Chan bests Greg Raymer in a cooler for ‘The Fossilman.’

This week in THE VAULT on PokerGO, watch all hope fade away from Raymer as he gets his money thinking he has a shot against Chan.

Raymer and Chan won their respective titles two decades apart and their collective experience collides head-on in this hand. 90 percent of the time, Raymer would be correct in his hand assessment but this time, there is no getting his hand out of the cookie jar. The cookie does not crumble the way anyone expects.

Chan lets out his familiar laugh and lets Raymer know just how deep of trouble he is in.

This hand and more are available on PokerGO. Relive all of “The Prestige” and other Poker After Dark episodes on-demand. Coming on February 1 is the first final table of the U.S. Poker Open. Stay tuned for lineup announcements by following PokerGO on Twitter.


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