“Throwback Hands” returns to THE VAULT on PokerGO with a familiar matchup of headwear and hand probabilities. Andy Bloch turns up the heat on Gabe Kaplan with both players donning their finest cowboy hat.

Bloch shoots a barrel Kaplan’s way and for a moment, Kaplan is unsure of the next step to take. Pocket jacks are tricky and Kaplan’s bind is comprised of a check-raise overbet from Bloch.

The hand is worthy of an open range and only one gunslinger stands to tell the story from the hand.

Kaplan uses his brain to try and outthink Bloch and succeeds much to the surprise of the table. This is far from the first time Kaplan has been in a tough spot on “Throwback Hands” and he makes the correct decision once again.

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