This week’s edition of “Throwback Hands” puts poker’s godfather, Doyle Brunson, on center stage. The wily Brunson has seen it all from every opponent and Layne Flack offers a new wrinkle to Brunson’s catalog.

New to THE VAULT on PokerGO is a matchup of bracelet winners and generations. Watch as Flack tries to piece together the jigsaw puzzle dumped in front of him by Brunson.

“Back-to-back” Flack owns a great gift of gab but finds himself rendered speechless when facing a decision for his tournament life. Brunson notices the reduction in Flack’s talking near the end of the hand and inquires as to why.

Does he have what it takes to beat pocket aces? Brunson puts in a bet to find out. The final result does not disappoint.

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