David Williams is a chatty player in his own right and takes a subdued tone when engaging with foes. Mike Matusow does literally the opposite at all times possible. The two fire up the antics in an all-in pot that is this week’s edition of Throwback Hands.

The full episode from this legendary confrontation streams on PokerGO but the immediate action in the plot is now.

Williams moves all-in against past Main Event final tablist Andrew Black. Getting his chips in bad is only the start of the problem for Williams. Matusow starts berating Williams over his play although he has no immediate stake in the hand. Williams can’t even sweat his hand in peace while having Matusow buzz around his ear through the flop, turn, and river.

Matusow lives up to his reputation yet again in the classic hand and more of his memorable moments are available on PokerGO.

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