The first episode of Tell Tale on PokerGO dives into the underground poker world of New York City and introduces us to the cast of characters observed by Blake Eastman. Eastman relays to viewers some of the features he is looking for when making his reads on tells given away by opponents. In the second act, Eastman jumps right in to focus on specific players and their table mannerisms.

Jeff is the spotlight of this episode and becomes Eastman’s new subject. The speed at which Jeff moves during certain hands allows Eastman to know right away what he is up to. Eastman relays this information by building a psychological profile of the player based on his actions at the table.

Are live tells really that important in this day and age of poker? Eastman argues yes. In an interview with Poker Central, Eastman dives into his personal background of poker and psychology.

There are players who agree with Eastman’s assessments. Two-time WSOP bracelet winner Chance Kornuth faced the chair of Deep Issues and explained why live tells are so important to the way he plays poker.

Think you’ve picked up on the lessons shared by Eastman? Watch today’s Event 3 final table of the Poker Masters to watch the best in the world battle for the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha title.

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