If you’re looking for a tell-tale sign a player is bluffing you, look no further than the first episode of Tell Tale on PokerGO. Blake Eastman watches the first round of hands from the booth to gain access on the physical clues given off by players in the underground game.

Eastman introduces viewers to the table that comprises the original group of players in the game. He hones in on early protagonists who are then the target of the evaluations that make up Tell Tale.

Also on the menu of observations are the tells Eastman encourages viewers to be on the lookout for when they sit down at the table. Right away, Eastman notes patterns of player behavior on every street that are evident in all situations, not just at the table in Tell Tale.

Player familiarity breeds specific variables Eastman catches on to right from the first hand. No matter how much you try to hide, there is always information available. Eastman doesn’t miss a single detail.

Daniel Negreanu is a noted user of live tells and uses them when he plays High Roller events. This summer, Negreanu placed second in the Super High Roller Bowl and is going to be a prominent participant in Poker Masters. Watch more of Negreanu’s finer moments by watching the Best of Daniel Negreanu on PokerGO.

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