The newest original series to hit PokerGO is also the platform’s first foray into the realm of strategy. While other originals feature off-the-felt stories, biographies, and more, Tell Tale dives head first into the world of poker tells. From a behind-the-scenes control room, behavioral expert and poker coach Blake Eastman breaks down an underground cash game, while focusing on both verbal and non-verbal tells.

With eyes on the action from every angle, Eastman highlights multiple topics across the six-episode series. Tell Tale breaks down different styles of table talk, speeds of play, intentional and unintentional movements, body language, and more. Eastman also breaks down the tells of different types of opponents and uses a diverse lineup to teach you how to play against professionals, recreational players, and everything in between.

Get in the game with Tell Tale and start streaming the entire series now. All six episodes are available on-demand on PokerGO and you can subscribe here to watch Tell Tale, other original series, and the 2018 Poker Masters which will stream live from September 8-15.

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