While Daniel Negreanu’s $25,000 Fantasy League may be a the mid-point of the World Series of Poker, the real party is about to start. It’s no secret the formula is weighted towards $10,000 events and higher, and there’s a ton of those coming up on the schedule. For the meantime, Team Leah leapfrogged Team Negreanu and Team Martins for the lead with 605 points.

Team Leah packed on the points this week with Ben Yu and James Obst both winning bracelets. Obst has 217 points alone – the most of any player in the league. He earned 100 points from his Razz Championship win and 35 points in the $5,000 Six Max No Limit Hold’em for bubbling the final table in seventh place.

James Obst is also leading WSOP Player of the Year standings. (Photo: PokerPhotoArchive.com)
Yu earned 171 points in back-to-back events. First, he got 100 for his Deuce to Seven Triple Draw bracelet win and then 71 points for finishing in fourth place in the Limit Hold’em Championship.

Ben Yu won his second bracelet and then went right back to a final table. (Photo: PokerPhotoArchive.com)
Obst and Yu have a combined 413 points – which by themselves would qualify for fourth place in the League standings.

Team Martins got out from under Team Negreanu’s shadow and moved into second place in the standings with 531 points. Anthony Zinno is their high-scorer with 152 points with four deep runs in Championship events – two final tables and he bubbled two final tables.

Anthony Zinno keeps getting close to another bracelet. (Photo: PokerPhotoArchive.com)
Team Martins got value out of Viacheslav Zhukov when he picked up 91 points for a runner-up finish in the Dealers Choice Championship. Mike Watson and Chris Klodnicki have also final tabled Championship events for their team.

Daniel Negreanu is still doing the heavy for his team with 205 of the 503 team points. He’s been consistent with seven cashes this year – four in $10,000 Championship events. Brandon Shack-Harris is the team’s second scorer with 79 points after sixth place in the Razz Championship, ninth in the $1,500 HORSE and 16th in the HORSE Championship.

Current Team Standings (as of June 23)

1. Team Leah – 605 (+2)
2. Team Martins – 531 (+1)
3. Team Negreanu – 503 (-2)
4. Team Brunson – 372 (+3)
5. Team Fleyshman – 277 (-)
6. Team TurboRunGood – 277 (-2)
7. Team Gorodinsky – 266 (-1)
8. Team Russia – 186 (-)

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