Throwback Thursday. Sometimes it unearths memories that you’re happy to relive, other times, not so much. Each Thursday, Poker Central is going to bring back all kinds of TBT memories by diving into PokerGO’s THE VAULT. Classic episodes from some of the world’s most recognizable poker broadcasts are waiting to be binge-watched on-demand and “TBTHEVAULT” will get you started.

For how many times Mike Matusow has hit THE VAULT in a classic episode of Poker After Dark over the last month, you’d think that The Mouth would be getting tired of running his mouth. Quite the contrary though, as Matusow talked himself through “Mission Impossible” week and then kept on rambling into “Close But No Cigar” week, which debuted on PokerGO on Wednesday.

Some of the almost Main Event winners were new to the Poker After Dark set, but as a PAD favorite, Matusow certainly felt right at home and knew that close doesn’t cut it in winner-take-all sessions of Poker After Dark.

The two-time WSOP Main Event final tablist navigated his way to the final episode of the series, where he squared off against Andy Black and Lee Watkinson.

Can positive thinking and a little bit of luck change Matusow’s Poker After Dark luck on “Close But No Cigar” week? THE VAULT has all those answers and more, with nearly four full seasons of classic Poker After Dark episodes just a click away in the on-demand library