Today wasn’t just the start of the 2017 ARIA High Roller schedule but it was also the frist day to register for the poker world’s most exclusive event. The ARIA opened registration for the Super High Roller Bowl and even though that event won’t take place until May, the biggest names in the world have had this date circled on their calendars for the last few months.

Daniel Negreanu was one of those players and when we caught up with the Poker Central ambassador earlier today, his excitement for the event was palpable.

“I’m pumped man!” Negreanu said, while adding, “I knew that if you didn’t sign up today, that was going to be a problem because this is an exclusive event.”

As one of the most recognizable names in the poker world, and most successful throughout his career, Negreanu is an obvious Super High Roller Bowl participant but he knew that not registering today could have ended up with him being locked out. 

“If you don’t sign in today, and it doesn’t matter who you are, no special exceptions.” Negreanu said, while giving the ARIA some serious props for making sure registration was on a level field.

While some of the world’s best and biggest players have already put in their deposits, Negreanu dropped the biggest name of all when we caught up with him before the ARIA $25K High Roller began.

“I’ve been talking to Phil this morning.” Negreanu said but alas, we haven’t seen poker’s favorite son take a trip to the ARIA cage thus far.

That’s likely good news for the rest of the Super High Roller Bowl field but Negreanu is looking forward to seeing who is going to be competing in the year’s biggest event this summer. 

“This is different.” Negreanu said about the Super High Roller Bowl, adding, “People know who is going to be in the tournament ahead of time and I think that opens up a lot of opportunity for fans at home.”

Knowing who will be competing in the Super High Roller Bowl months ahead of the event will certainly get the fans at home excited and while the entire field won’t be known until later this weekend, fan favorite Daniel Negreanu will certainly be competing this year.