Stories from the Felt wraps up on PokerGO with a look at the lighthearted side of the game. We often talk about players being “personalities” in their chosen profession. Well, in “Wild Cards,” those eccentricities are brought to light.

Starting with Steve Zolotow, for example. Would you ever guess that “The Bald Eagle” is a veteran of the pornography industry? Well, thanks to Stories from the Felt, now you do.

We know that Nick Schulman is a world-class poker player and commentator extraordinaire but did you know that he would rather achieve something else in life rather than win the World Series of Poker Main Event? These are the types of questions poker fans want to hear from the best players in the world and “Wild Cards” delivers.

Schulman along with Danielle ‘dmoongirl’ Andersen and Eli Elezra are among the players interviewed during this rendition of Stories from the Felt giving the show an eclectic mix of poker backgrounds.

Andersen recently starred in the Poker After Dark “Moon Magic” episodes and her vibrant personality is on display in “Wild Cards.”

Poker offers people the chance to be as true to themselves as possible on the table but the scenarios and questions listed in “Wild Cards” offer an entirely new dynamic with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sometimes, you just have to move all-in.

Find “Wild Cards” and all other Stories from the Felt on PokerGO with the six-episode series now streaming on-demand. PokerGO will have more content available for streaming in the coming weeks including new Poker After Dark episodes. For all things poker, stay tuned to PokerCentral.com. Coming up on Sunday is the live streamed final table of the WPT Five Diamond Classic

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