One of the most popular series ever made, Sons of Anarchy was originally broadcast on FX and continues to be a massive hit on Netflix, even after it was cruelly ended by Kurt Sutter in 2014.  But what if the story of Jax Teller and SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) was retold with a poker recasting? We zipped up our leather, kicked off our bike stand and roared into formation with the club. Let’s go to church!

Jax Teller – played by Phil Galfond

If anyone would look good in the Sons of Anarchy leathers (and possibly with the addition of long hair) it’s Galfond. The online and live legend would take his proactive, aggressive stance at the poker table to the club, taking over full control and making sure that The Mayans and The Niners don’t ever encroach on the Sons’ territory.

Tara Knowles – played by Farah Galfond

Who better to play Jax’s love interest than Galfond’s other half, Farah? Together, they’d prove that with each new SAMCRO initiative, they’d only need to Run it Once past their band of motorcycling merry men. Plus, just like Jax, if Galfond steps out of line, then he’s got to know that he has a strong woman in his corner. Or rather, two strong women…

Gemma Teller Morrow – played by Barbara Enright

Jax’s Mom in the real Sons of Anarchy is Gemma, who somehow manages to juggle motherhood with being the superpower partner of Clay, the natural leader of the SAMCRO pack. Barbara Enright would be perfect for the role, as she remains the only woman ever to have reached the WSOP Main Event final table, and she was also the first to win a bracelet in an open event. It’s not a woman’s world, it’s Gemma Teller Morrow’s world.

Clay Morrow – played by T.J. Cloutier

The master of Omaha variants, Cloutier has the granite chin and stoic sense of a man who knows the buck stops with him. If anyone can handle the original rabble, it’s Cloutier. The WSOP and Las Vegas legend, who has earned half of his $10m poker fortune in Sin City, would crush any adversary, on whichever side they appear. “To hell with them!”, as Clay himself might say.

Tig Trager – played by Mustapha Kanit

Wit, wisdom and a can-do spirit are epitomized in the original by legendary actor Kim Coates. But if he’s to be recast, then we need someone with flair, Italian roots and the kind of smile you can’t take your eyes off. Step forward Mustapha ‘Can Do’ Kanit. The tournament crusher will be a great addition to SAMCRO, and we’d trust him with getting any job done in style.

Harry ‘Opie’ Winston – played by Dan Bilzerian

Opie is a great character, but if ever someone needed to beef up a bit sooner, it’s the bearded best buddy of Jax. Dan Bilzerian could hardly be any beefier if he was raised by cattle before working down at his local steakhouse. With his massive stash of automatic weapons, Bilzerian’s Opie would be a much more valued member of the club, and together with Jax, would obliterate rivals if need be. Plus, he’s got the best beard in poker.

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