To get fans primed and ready for a summer full of poker, Poker Central has rebooted “Situational Saturday.” Each week, we’re taking a hand from a PokerGO live event and giving you a chance to put yourself in different high stakes situations from “Poker After Dark,” Poker Masters, and more. Then, we’ll solve the situation and give away a PokerGO subscription in the process. 

Our next Situational Saturday hand was taken from the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event. On Day 5, ESPN cameras caught the tail end of a hand between British professional William Kassouf and American Stacy Matuson. While the hand features some legendary speech play, the early action from the hand is missing.

Unlike past Situational Saturday hands, which included known pre-flop action and beyond, we did our best to recreate the action this time around. In this based on a true story hand, Matuson opens queens from middle position and Kassouf defends out of the big blind. The flop goes check-bet-call, before Kassouf springs into action on the turn and then shoves the river to put Matuson at risk.

If you watched the 2016 WSOP Main Event live or have been following along with PokerGO’s recent release of ESPN episodes, you know that Matuson’s queens were good. She was up against nine-high, but William Kassouf played his hand like a “boss.”

Tell us what you’d do in this situation with an over pair and then watch how this legendary hand played out. For more World Series of Poker action and high stakes situations in the world’s biggest events, subscribe to PokerGO now.

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