To get fans primed and ready for a summer full of poker, Poker Central has rebooted “Situational Saturday.” Each week, we’re taking a hand from a PokerGO live event and giving you a chance to put yourself in different high stakes situations from “Poker After Dark,” Poker Masters, and more. Then, we’ll solve the situation and give away a PokerGO subscription in the process. 

Our next Situational Saturday hand was taken from Poker After Dark’s 2018 opener. Back-to-back nights of “Femme Fatale” week action featured some of the poker world’s best female players and some massive $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em action. While one hand from “Femme Fatale” week was already solved, another hand between Melanie Weisner and Kathy Liebert created some interesting dialogue on social media.

In a nearly $70,000 pot, Liebert bet all three streets to putt Weisner to the test. After Liebert unloaded the clip on the river for $21,000, Weisner’s test got even more difficult, but she eventually passed.

The $100/$200 hand was brought back down to earth and fitted for a regular $2/$5 No Limit cash game for another Poker Central installment of Situational Saturday.

Tell us what you’d do in this situation with a pair of queens and then watch how this massive hand played out. For more Poker After Dark action and high stakes situations in the world’s biggest events, subscribe to PokerGO now.

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