If the Poker Masters Short Deck debut was an appetizer, next week’s Poker After Dark cash games are the main course. The game that has dominated high stakes headlines around the world returns to PokerGO for two nights of “Big Three” week cash games, starting September 25.

Each session will feature a rotation of No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Short Deck. The first two variants will feature $100/$200 blinds with a $200 big blind ante, while Short Deck will feature a $100 ante from every player and a $200 button ante. Both “Big Three” sessions will boast $20,000 minimum buy-ins and a $20,000 cap on all Short Deck hands.

Big games aren’t the only big thing about “Big Three” week. Some of poker’s biggest names will make their Poker After Dark return, including Ben Lamb, Brandon Adams, and Isaac Haxton. All three have tons of high stakes experience and are no strangers to debuts. The trio played during “PLOMG” week, which featured Pot Limit Omaha’s first Poker After Dark appearance since 2007.

Ryan Tosoc finished 3rd in the Poker Masters $10,000 Short Deck event and Jonathan Depa finished 2nd in the Poker Masters $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha event. Both will return to PokerGO during “Big Three” week, with Depa making his Poker After Dark debut. Justin Ligeri and Dhaval Joshi will also make debuts next week.

“Big Three” week information, including lineups for both sessions, is provided below:


Poker After Dark “Big Three” Week Lineups
Dates Tuesday, September 25 Wednesday, September 26
Games No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck ($100/$200)
Buy-in $20,000 minimum
Players Ben Lamb Ben Lamb
Brandon Adams Brandon Adams
Isaac Haxton Isaac Haxton
Ryan Tosoc Ryan Tosoc
Jonathan Depa Jonathan Depa
Justin Ligeri Justin Ligeri

*Poker After Dark lineups are subject to change.

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