Here at Poker Central, we’re not in the business of creating content surrounding the personal lives of some of our favorite players, however, not just anybody just got engaged! We’d like to extend our congratulations to Daniel Negreanu and his fiancee Amanda Leatherman, as she said “Yes!” on December 31st, and we caught up with the groom-to-be today about the proposal and their future together.

The entire Negreanu-Leatherman history is far too long for this article, it would, however, help you a lot if you wanted to get caught up to listen to the Poker Central Podcast. Back in the fall, when Poker Central and Stadium launched Friday Night Poker, Amanda Leatherman, with the assistance of Love Doctor Extraordinaire Brent Hanks, made her way back to Las Vegas after a lengthy absence from Sin City. On the podcast, Amanda spoke about what made her leave the city, and how she and Daniel never really lost touch but how her move back to the city definitely reignited the fire.

After having bought a ring when they dated many years ago but never popping the question, this time he wasn’t going to let her get away, as he also heavily emphasized when they both joined the Poker Central Podcast just a few weeks ago.

“When Amanda moved in about a month or so ago I knew the next step was imminent. Just had to find the right time to make it special,” Negreanu told us, knowing that one option had been eliminated with Amanda being no fan of a massive public proposal such as being on the Las Vegas Golden Knights jumbotron.

Watch the proposal in the video below, as Negreanu shared the following on his Facebook page yesterday.

“In 13 years I have never seen her cry tears of joy like that, it was awesome. She knew I was going to ask, we’ve already talked wedding and kids, but she just didn’t know when,” Negreanu said about the proposal, prior to which he played the following video on his TV.

A date and location have not been established just yet, but Negreanu hinted that a beach type location in the Spring is among the possibilities. As the two started dating again just a few months ago, Negreanu realized that things are different this time, evident by their engagement and, as mentioned before, parenthood.

“Since we last date, I learned a lot of lessons in my life when it comes to relationships but I think the biggest thing is that if you don’t love someone exactly as they are, then you shouldn’t be with them based on the potential of who you think they could be. I love Amanda exactly as she is now and don’t expect or need her to change.”

Coming into 2019, with a wedding to be planned and a possible kid, it might seem obvious that Negreanu’s poker playing will take a back seat to his family life.

“Amanda is super supportive and knows poker so that will help when I do actually play, but for sure, right now my priorities lie with her.”

Daniel Negreanu, Amanda Leatherman