During this afternoon’s live Super High Roller Bowl lottery, there were a dozen players sweating each ping pong ball that was drawn. Most players knew what number they were looking for but Scott Seiver was just waiting to hear his name. Five ping pong balls down, no “Scott Seiver”. Ten ping pong balls, twenty, still no “Scott Seiver”. Finally, ARIA’s Sean McCormack announced “Scott Seiver”. 

While there was no outward celebration, Seiver’s body language said it all. His name had been called, he had his seat and you could tell he was already looking forward to this summer. 

“This is the tournament for me.” Seiver said, adding, “I’m really excited, this has been a great tournament the last two years and it’s the one I’m looking forward to most all year.” 

There is one reason that Seiver is looking forward to the Super High Roller Bowl. In 2015, Seiver finished runner-up to Brian Rast for a career best $5,100,000 score but aside from that SHRB resume, Seiver knows how important an event of this magnitude is. The Super High Roller Bowl is not only a the year’s biggest event but it’s also a proving ground

For the last few years, Seiver has proved himself time and time again. He has High Roller victories from across the globe, along with a World Series of Poker bracelet, a WPT title and over $21,000,000 in career earnings. That kind of tournament pedigree leaves no doubt that Seiver belongs in the Super High Roller Bowl. 

Plenty of people may belong though and after the live lottery, Seiver joked that this year’s event wouldn’t have had the same if he hadn’t been selected. 

“Obviously, the tournament wouldn’t have meant as much to everyone else if I wasn’t in.” Seiver joked, adding, “If they won the tournament without me in, would it have even counted?”

All jokes aside, the first step to another Super High Roller Bowl run has already been completed. Seiver heard his name and while he wants to put forth another strong performance, one of the only ways he can strengthen his resume is if he hears “Scott Seiver, Super High Roller Bowl Champion” in May.