The most important final table of 2017 is available on PokerGO. The 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event featured an unforgettable Day 7 and somehow topped the feat with an even better final table. Legends are made in these episodes and Scott Blumstein places himself into the best of poker history with his $8.1 million win.

Storylines at the final table go beyond Blumstein with records broken and feats previously unheard of attained. Both Ben Lamb and Antoine Saout return to play their second Main Event final table after doing so in 2011 and 2009, respectively. The two carry all the experience in the world with them and use it to their advantage over some who are playing for millions for the first time.

New to the Main Event stage but proving to leave a permanent impression is John Hesp. The ‘everyman’ for this year’s tournament, the eccentric Brit starts the final table off with a crazy bluff that gets the crowd on their feet.

Hesp continues to chip up until he runs into one of the worst coolers in Main Event history. Blumstein flops top set and Hesp has the misfortune of turning top two pair. The hands collide on the turn and Blumstein earns millions of dollars for being on the right side of the clash.

Once he has the chip lead, Blumstein gets to work on running over the final table. A bluff against Dan Ott gives Blumstein even more chips to crush his opponents with. Blumstein uses the aggression to rid himself of the pesky Saout and take a three-handed lead into the homestretch.

The final table eventually comes down to two young American pros in Blumstein and Ott versus the experienced French pro Benjamin Pollak.

Pollak became a household name following his Main Event run and leveraged his millions in winnings toward a U.S. Poker Open title.

Ott and Blumstein play for the $8.1 million and a new page in poker history. How does Blumstein emerge as the winner? Let’s say he has a new favorite river card in mind.

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