It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Nick Schulman is happy that adage extends to Poker After Dark because the PokerGO commentator and high stakes professional didn’t have the best luck at the beginning of the “Power Play” finale. Schulman’s luck changed by night’s end though, with most of that swing coming through one of the year’s biggest pots.

After Daniel Negreanu, who booked a win during the “Power Play” opener, turned a set against Schulman to open the session, Schulman faced another tough test against Jeremy Ausmus. The PokerGO commentators clashed in a huge hand, one that seemed to be a horrible spot for Ausmus. By the river, it was Schulman who was stuck with a decision for his stack and he almost made the correct lay down.

Schulman was down, but only briefly. After some sets and unfavorable run outs forced a re-buy, Schulman flopped a set of his own to right his “Power Play” ship. The hand started modestly, with Justin Young likely thinking that top-pair was the best hand on the flop. Quickly, Schulman and John Morgan showed their strength and forced Young out. An over $200,000 pot was up for grabs, with Schulman holding middle set and Morgan holding a flush draw.

The set held and Schulman shot to the top of the “Power Play” leaderboard. He ended up adding to his Day 2 total and finished the week as one of Poker After Dark’s biggest winners. Relive the high stakes action on-demand on PokerGO and don’t miss “Godfather” week with Doyle Brunson, Gus Hansen, and Daniel “Jungleman” Cates on October 23 & 24.

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