After the rush and excitement of New Year’s Eve celebrations, most major cities bunker down for the rest of the winter. Not Las Vegas though, as January opens the Sin City calendar with some can’t miss events. From standalone shows, to some of the Strip’s staple residencies, from comedy to music and everything in between, January has a full schedule of performances to choose from.

Celine Dion

Starting with anyone but Celine Dion would be downright disrespectful. Not only has the Canadian been one of the most decorated performers on the Strip, with five Grammy Awards to her credit, but her first Las Vegas show ‘A New Day’, became the most successful Las Vegas residency show of all-time. She returned to Caesars Palace in 2015 and has not disappointed since. The ageless diva’s show is performed before a larger than life stage, incorporates a diverse range of tracks and theatrics and is more than affordable.

Daniel Tosh

While some comedians are a flash in the pan, shout to Dane Cook, Daniel Tosh has shown some serious staying power since Comedy Central launched Tosh.0 in 2009. Tosh has been on five tours since his show debuted and while his upcoming performances at The Mirage are standalone events, ‘Daniel Tosh and Friends’ should not disappoint over the next few weekends.

‘Toruk – The First Flight’ by Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil has been a part of the Vegas show scene for more than 20 years and has grown into seven regularly running shows that suit every taste and age group. This month though, a brand new world is set to be brought to life at T-Mobile Arena starting January 18th. ‘Toruk – The First Flight’ is inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar and if the performance is anything like the movie, ‘Toruk’ could find itself with full-time billing sooner, rather than later.

Britney Spears

Simply put, I will never forget the first time I saw a Britney Spears music video on MTV. It changed me and I imagine Planet Hollywood’s ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ show would have the same effect 15 years later. The pop star has had a residency since 2014 and begins another year of performances this month. It’s also been reported that Spears has begun work on a new album, meaning that the already sexy, action-packed Vegas show could be even hotter this year.

The Rest

Those might be the headlining acts through the first month of 2017 but there is plenty more where they came from. Grammy winner Van Morrison is stopping by Caesars Palace for a two-night performance this weekend, before the set list gets packed towards the end of the month. Boyz II Men grace The Mirage for ten days starting January 20th, I will be there every night, Carlos Santana returns to the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay on January 25th and to celebrate Las Vegas’ legalization of recreational marijuana, Willie Nelson closes out The Venetian’s January calendar on the 28th and 29th