In the poker world, there are few players that have the popularity, reach, or personalities to make headlines away from the felt. Three of those such players, Jean-Robert Bellande, Maria Ho, and Nick Schulman, gave nods to their reality show pasts when they starred in the most recent installment of Poker After Dark cash games during “Reality Check” week.

Both nights featured $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em cash games and the Big Three. That Big Three has loads of experience in the high stakes arena, but they also have experience on some of television’s most popular reality shows. Ho was a contestant on The Amazing Race, Bellande competed on Survivor, and Schulman was featured on MTV’s World of Jenks. All three are also Poker After Dark regulars and have made multiple appearances since the show rebooted this summer.

For Ho, those multiple appearances have mostly led to successful sessions and this past week was no different. Ho closed “Reality Check” week with a nearly $70,000 win and Schulman showed well during both the opener and finale. Jean-Robert Bellande may not have added to his Best Of… feature, but was still in the center of the action.

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