The last few days have been busy on PokerGO. Last week, the six-part short-form documentary series Stories from the Felt launched to rave reviews, as the series touched on everything from the legendary Bobby’s Room to Greg Merson’s battle with addiction prior to winning the World Series of Poker Main Event. This past weekend, the World Poker Tour returned to PokerGO with the Five Diamond World Poker Classic final table and this week, Poker After Dark returned with arguably one of the most star-studded lineups ever featured on PokerGO.

“Games of our Lives” week was headlined by former Days of our Lives star Farah Galfond, the wife of high stakes poker professional Phil Galfond. She was joined by some big names and big personalities, including Bill Perkins, who headlined the “Perks of the Trade” cash games that aired this fall. Matt Berkey also returned to PokerGO, after making a handful of Poker After Dark appearances over the last few weeks.

The first $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em session saw Bob Bright rule the day, while headliner Farah Galfond took an early hit against Jacky Wang and failed to rebound. Bill Perkins, who is usually one of the more aggressive players at the table, was quiet on the felt, but carried most of the table talk through the “Games of our Lives” opener.

Perkins opened the second session with a massive cooler for an over $225,000 pot. The hedge fund manager turned a full house with pocket kings, after Bill Klein flopped a full house with pocket nines. The two got all-in on the river and that huge pot set the stage for a few other big hands throughout the night.

Thanks to a double through Bill Perkins and a white-hot run through the final few hours of play, Farah Galfond ended the second session as the biggest winner. She walked away nearly $250,000 in the black, while Jean-Robert Bellande, who replaced Jacky Wang for the second “Games of our Lives” cash game, spent most of the session just trying to get himself back to “even,” which he joked was a less than $100,000 loser.

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