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On this episode of Real Talk, I’m joined by Bryn Kenney and Byron Kaverman, currently ranked 9th and 35th on poker’s all-time money list. Kenney and Kaverman have both battled at the highest stakes for many years, Kaverman winning the 2015 Global Poker Index Player of the Year race and Kenney falling just short of those honors in the last few years.

But the life of a top pro doesn’t come without its challenges, as Kenney explains.

“At the end of 2016, I got myself into a bad business deal where I went to sleep one night thinking I had $2,500,000 and waking up owing $2,500,000. So I went from being very well off to the worst negative I’ve ever been in. I told myself it might take years to get out of this, but within six months I was back in the positive,” Bryn Kenney said about the high volatility of his life as a high stakes player.

Showing off his confidence and determination, Kenney added to that, “There’s no way I take my foot off the gas until I hit No. 1 on the all-time list.”

Kaverman, choosing routes with less volatility emphasizes that no matter how strong you feel about your game, you can never get complacent.

“Having the confidence and being very zoned in is good, but you always have to keep working on your game as well.”

Check out the full episode of Real Talk with Bryn Kenney and Byron Kaverman right here.

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Bryn Kenney, Byron Kaverman