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On this episode of Real Talk, top pro Kane Kalas who played in the biggest televised pot in poker history earlier this year.

Poker is all about opportunity, and Kane Kalas is a specialist when it comes to seeing the right ones. Whether it’s taking shots at the highest stakes, investments or cryptocurrency when Kalas sees an opportunity he goes for it.

“When you play poker you have to leave your ego at the door,” Kalas said on this episode of Real Talk, explaining his attitude towards picking and choosing when to take big shots and always to be realistic and aware of the opposition and their strengths.

Over the years Kalas has also taken shots on the infamous Rail Heaven tables on Full Tilt Poker, while always making sure he would be able to rebuild his bankroll if things went awry. Fortunately for Kalas, things worked out.

“I’ve made a very good living in poker, in part, as a result of knowing when to take a big shot.”

Watch the full episode of Real Talk featuring Kana Kalas in the player below.

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