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Poker After Dark made its triumphant return to PokerGO following a summer hiatus. The high stakes cash game action came back strong with “Solve for Hollywood” week starring Randall Emmett, Garrett Adelstein, and Matt Berkey. Hollywood producer Emmett restored energy to the PokerGO Studio with his usual table talk that brought about many big hands in the $200/$400 game.

The trio of headliners did their part to drum up huge pots and the entire ensemble cast played their part to ensure a fun night for all involved. Relive the premiere of “Solve for Hollywood” here!

Emmett made the highlight reel, not for a hand, but for a monologue so original, no screenwriter would be able to script it. Adelstein leered over at Emmett in an early pot drawing the ire from his neighbor which unleashed the speech of Emmett’s career. There is no Hollywood without a little bit of drama.

Adelstein wound up a small loser on the night and will attempt to recoup those dollars tomorrow night on the second night of “Solve for Hollywood.”

Los Angeles attorney Dave Peters came away the big winner with over $160,000 more in front of him than he started with. Peters is also in tomorrow night’s game.

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