The sixth and final day of the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Main Event returned with six players all looking to have their name etched in the new Championship Trophy. Raffaele Sorrentino and Andreas Klatt got to heads-up, agreed to a deal to leave some money and trophy on the table and ultimately Sorrentino won the title.

“I’m really happy,” Sorrentino said after the win. “It’s just a dream come true. I was thinking about this one week ago. Every day, I got more and more (close).” He earned four of the five knockouts at the final table.

Diego Zeiter waited three orbits before moving in the ace jack, Michael Kolkowicz called with ace queen and the flop gave Kolkowicz two pair and Zeiter drawing dead.

Play slowed to a crawl and the next elimination took 68 hands. Overnight chip leader Kolkowicz got short with a dozen big blinds and shipped it in holding six deuce. Sorretino was there with Ac 5c, trip trips and rivered a full house to send Kolkowicz to the cashier’s cage.

Just past the 100th hand mark Sorrentino opened, Panyak moved all in behind him and Sorrenting called, tabling Ks Js. Panyak was ahead with Ah Th but the board ran Sorrentino’s way with a king on the flop followed by rags. Panyak was eliminated in fourth place.

A few hands later Sorrentino and Bondar went a raised flop of 8h 5d 4d, Sorrentino bet 425,000 and Bondar raised to 1.2 million. Sorrentino called, the turn came 6s and after a check Bondar moved all in. Sorrentino called with 6c 5h for two pair and Bondar held Jc 8c for top pair. The river was blank and Bondar was out in third place.

Sorrentino and Klatt agreed to a chop where Sorrenting got €451,714 with 15.4 million chips and Klatt would get €402,786 for his 6.3 million in chips. They left €15,000 and the title to play for on the table.

The final hand was tailor-maid for a Monte Carlo final table when Klatt opened to 450,000 and Sorrention three-bet to 2.024 million. Klatt moved all in holding pocket queens and Sorrention snap-called with pocket aces. The board ran out with three deuces, but Sorrentino’s aces were best and he won the title.

Final Table Payouts (Converted to USD)

1. Raffaele Sorrentino – $512,293*
2. Andreas Klatt – $442.665*
3. Andrey Bondar – $298,381
4. Maxim Panyak – $219,692
5. Michael Kokowicz – $161,686
6. Diego Zeiter – $119,022
*denotes heads-up deal