Before play even began today, Poker Central Ambassador Daniel Negreanu took to Twitter to drop some quick thoughts on the ARIA $25K High Rollers.

Twitter is a great tool to get into the minds of some of the world’s best but, too often, the 140-character limit doesn’t let players like Negreanu tell the whole story. The first point of Kid Poker’s tweet is a given, with players that boast millions of dollars in career earnings competing today. We wanted the whole scoop on his second point though, and we caught up with Negreau on the most recent break of today’s $25K High Roller to move past Twitter’s pesky character limit.  

“I’m talking good, quality people. People that live their life in a positive way that look to uplift others.” Negreanu said, before picking out a few players in today’s field that fit that billing.

“Guys like Jason Koon, always smiling, always happy. Andrew Lichenberger, Dan Smith, wanting to make a difference in the world. Scott Seiver and Stephen Chidwick, one of the most pleasant people ever.” said the five time WSOP bracelet winner, before adding, “It’s a pleasure to be in this environment with a bunch of upbeat, positive people. 

As some of the world’s best and most successful players, you’d imagine that a majority of these High Roller fields are filled with upbeat and positive people. Negreanu thinks there is a correlation between those traits and success.

“Yes, they are all successful but part of that is their positive outlook on life. It’s not a coincidence.” Negreanu said.

Negreanu mentioned that these positive environments are more and more prevalent in today’s poker community than when he was coming up in the game. He credits a few things for that shift but mainly an overall increase in the intelligence of the poker community. 

“Part of what being intelligent is, is understanding what makes you happy. There is no question in my mind that what makes one happy is being outward focused, giving to others and having a positive outlook, like all these guys do.” Negreanu said, adding, “We are seeing more and more of it.”

If there is a poster child for that positive outlook, it is Negreanu himself. As poker’s all-time money leader, he’s also the poster child for the relationship between positivity and success being no coincidence.