The next chapter in Pokerography, available only on PokerGO, comes from one of the most recognizable faces in poker Antonio Esfandiari. The Las Vegas pro with over $27 million in tournament earnings had some very humble beginnings, had dreams of being a professional magician and found himself on top of the poker world.

He’s known worldwide as one fun and demonstrative players on the felt that can back up his flair with his game. He’s also developed into one of the faces that brings the World Series of Poker to ESPN each year.

He was born in Iran and moved to America with his family to San Jose, California. His father raised him so his mother could return to Iran. His father cemented a relationship where he travels the world with him today.

Esfandiari discover magic at 17-years-old and developed professional chops with a deck of cards. One thing lead to another, Esfandiari saw “the Matrix” and new poker was his calling. It took one guy to laugh in his face and Esfandiari was off to Vegas.

Esfandiari made fast friends with Phil Laak and their partnership took off alongside the poker explosion. “Together we were the odd couple. I was the smoother, wise guy and he was the mad-scientist kooky guy,” Esfandiari said.

The Pokerography series continues to give an inside look to your favorite players’ lives, available exclusively on PokerGO. The Series joins Deep Issues, Poker Nights and Dead Money as some of PokerGO’s original programming.