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Everyone loves a party and the world is playing poker more and more each year. So why not combine the two? Have you ever wanted to host a ‘Poker Night’ party, but ran out of ideas, don’t know which supplies to get in or worry that your theme might be too vague or specific?

We’re here to help. From the best poker party ideas to the poker party theme and supplies that you’ll need to create an atmosphere second only to the World Series of Poker Main Event, we’ve got it all. Put on a party hat and ante up!

Get Your Guest List Right

Everyone has their dream home game line-up, but unless you’re an intensely private person, inviting only 5-8 guests to a party is going to be extremely anti-social. Essentially, that’s just a Monday Night gathering who you invite round to watch the latest episode of The Big Blind.

When you’re organising a poker party, you don’t want to be relying on the poker to be full at every table. If you’re playing a tournament, the last thing you want is a lot of people waiting to get into the action. If it’s a cash game or two, then you’re in dreamland, no-one needs to leave the tables unless they’re out of cash or chips if you’ve gone to the trouble of converting your guests hard-earned into fun-discs.

A good mix of people is what every party host should go for, and it’s no different when poker is your theme.

Musical Chairs

If there’s one thing that every party host obsesses unnecessarily over, it’s the music. There’s a good case for music being to a party what a good referee or umpire is to a sporting occasion – the better it is, the less you notice it.

Good party music isn’t your favorite oblique progressive rock album. Nor is it foul-mouthed or overly orchestral. What you’re looking for is music that doesn’t offend, fades into the background and keeps everyone’s mood up.

Failing that, just put Phil Hellmuth on screen and watch Holidays with Hellmuth with your guests. There’s going to be no end of poker chat and fun action to point and laugh at – and what better soundtrack to your own game could there be?

Chips With Everything

Where most party hosts should be focusing their attention is, of course, the food and drink. Your guests don’t want to see empty glasses, and nor do they want poor offerings of food. The last thing you want is your poker party guests leaving early because they’re in need of some decent sustenance.

The perfect poker food is convenient, won’t leave guests in a mess and, much like background music, will be no sort of discussion. If you can keep your players and party guests happy, well-fed and lubricated with some cold drinks, who would want to leave? It’s only going to make your poker party more popular and before you know it, it’ll be a regular on the party circuit.

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

However you’re putting on your party, it’s worth sticking to a theme. This can often influence your food, music and, if you’re really good, your guest list. Here are a few ideas to get the creative side of your minds working, saving you time to focus on the fun you’ll have instead.

  • Goodfellas and Ladies – swing music on your stereo, pasta and pizza on some surrounding tables and two cash games with varied blinds. Dress code: suits and sparkles.
  • Beach Party – Hawaiian t-shirts, fake mustaches and sun-hats, and that’s just the ladies. Go tropical with fruit-based cocktails, steel drum soundtrack and fresh food designed to thrill the tastebuds.
  • Slacker Night – take it back to those college days, with slacker outfits, takeaway-based canapes (or just takeaway) as you flashback to your education in poker. Music from your late teens is a must.
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