PokerGO is your home for the 2018 Poker Masters and now your home for Short Deck action! The first live streamed Short Deck event from the United States is live, with Dominik Nitsche and Andrew Robl at the top of the charts. Experienced High Rollers Cary Katz and Isaac Haxton are also in contention, along with Ryan Tosoc and Maurice Hawkins.

A complete list of the final table chip counts is provided below:

  1. Dominik Nitsche – 4,980,000
  2. Ryan Tosoc – 3,025,000
  3. Maurice Hawkins – 1,025,000
  4. Cary Katz – 830,000
  5. Isaac Haxton – 1,775,000
  6. Andrew Robl – 4,865,000

A list of the Event 4 payouts is also provided below:

  1. $176,000
  2. $115,000
  3. $77,000
  4. $55,000
  5. $44,000
  6. $33,500

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